For orders and inquiries:

1. USAF Issue FAC, attached to 25th Division, machine made- $125.00

The following four patches were the property of Captain Tom Tolle, USAF. Tolle flew in the 20th TASS during 1970-71. No doubt he was familiar with the MACVSOG soldiers who flew in the back seat. His call sign was Covey 532. All of these patches have his information written on the back in ink, they are all Thai hand embroidered, highest quality.

2. Covey Pleiku-, with 5 Flag design- $375.00

3. Covey FAC Pleiku, top view of OV-10- $450.00

4. US Flag- $100.00

5. 100 Nights Over The Trail- This patch could have only referred to flying night missions in support of MACVSOG Recon Teams- $450.00

The above group will be discounted by 10% if purchased as a group.

6. This Nail FAC Photo patch belonged to Captain Charles Holtzman, USAF.He wrote his name on the back of this Thai made patch- $400.00

7. Covey FAC, Thai made, dancing Snoopy design- $350.00

8. 110th Recon Squadron-, handmade- $75.00

The following patches will all be South Vietnamese Air Force Units:

9.  423 Transportation- handmade- $85.00

10. All 6 matching patches for the Maintainance and Supply Wing, numbered 1 through 6- machine made, Arabic numerals-mint- group is $100.00

11. 112 Recon- handmade- $95.00-SOLD!

12. VNAF pocket patch, large size- subdued- machine made- $50.00

13. VNAF pocket patch, stenciled on od painted tiger stripe- off uniform- great field made variation- $95.00-SOLD!

14. Freedom Fighter  F-5 - small size, handmade- $55.00

15. VNAF Intelligence Command- silk bevo- $65.00

16. A 37 pocket patch, handmade- $75.00

17. 413 Transportation- handmade- $75.00

18. Training Command- silk woven- $40.00